Air Conditioning Servicing

Why Service Your Air-conditioner Regularly?

  • Better Indoor Air Quality
  • Energy & Cost Savings
  • Lower Cost of Repair
  • Prolonged Life of System

General Servicing Job Scope

  • Dismantle Cover And Necessary Parts Of The Fan Coil Unit
  • Clean All The Parts
  • Clear The Drainage Pipe With Water Flushing System
  • Make a Detailed Inspection For Any Defects In System
  • Checking Of Refrigerant When Necessary
  • Test-Run System, Making Sure System Is In Proper Condition

When does your aircon need servicing?

  • Leaking Water
  • Not Cooling
  • No Power
  • Noisy Unit
  • Bad Smell
  • Not Heating
  • Gas Leak
  • Poor Performance

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