Air Conditioning Chemical Cleaning/Overhaul

Aircon Chemical Cleaning

Aircon chemical cleaning is performed every month for the commercial units, and every three months for the residential air conditioning units. What are the things involved in aircon chemical cleaning? Basic chemical cleaning involves general cleaning plus some other small things. To perform chemical cleaning, we clean and disassemble and clean each part. Mostly dust, grease, and other accumulated residues will be removed using water and soap.

Aircon chemical cleaning is done and preferred if all the parts in the equipment are running according to plan. If your unit is simply dealing with dust and grime, this is the most logical solution that you’d want to take first.

  • Dismantle the whole air-con unit
  • Dismantle the unit into parts
  • Washing All the parts
  • Clear The Drainage Pipe With Specialised Equipment Before Installation
  • Change In Refrigerant Gas To Appropriate Level
  • Make a Detailed Inspection For Any Defects In System

Aircon Chemical Overhaul

Now what makes chemical overhaul different? This practice is applied both as preventive and a corrective measure. If the user complains of poor performing air conditioning unit even after chemical cleaning, this is the time when disassembly and thorough inspection of each parts like has to be done.

This determines which parts are faulty, and which parts are already about to give up. This is the time when rusty parts, faulty bearings and other minor parts are replaced by new ones. This prevents bigger problems from taking place.

During aircon chemical overhaul, the refrigerant will also be checked. Are there any leaks that contributed to the low level of aircon coolant?

The main goal of aircon chemical overhaul is to bring the air conditioning unit back in its original state. Given the reality that you’ll be dealing not only with dust and grime, but also with corrosion that could destroy parts of the unit, aircon overhaul comes in handy during this situation.

Both air condition chemical cleaning and chemical overhaul serve a great purpose. Not only does it optimize performance, it could also potentially lead to savings in your electric bill. And of course, since both improve the longevity of your air conditioning unit, you ensure that it lasts for years. When to avail of chemical cleaning and chemical overhaul should be determined by the user in order to avoid unnecessary effort in maintaining the aircon.

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