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Important: Knowledge & Maintenance of Air-Conditioning Program

An air-con after a long period of use, will display the phenomenon of blockage due to lot of dust and fine dirt accumulated in its filtering mesh and interior. The function of its air suction system will be blocked and cold air sent out from its chiller will also weaken. These not only reduce its performance and operation but further aggravate its motive load leading to higher consumption electricity and shorten of lifespan;

When an air-con is blocked and will break down soon, it does not send you any signals or warnings. Generally, it will display the following problem:

  • Air speed slacken or coldness is insufficient
  • Water is dripping or leaking
  • Making irregular noise
  • Emitting foul odor
  • Slight vibration (etc.)
  • Higher frequency of breakdown of compressor unit

Air conditioning is also very important to our health. The neglect by most house owners is that they forget to open the window of a room fitted with air-con, to allow ventilation so as to enable fresh air to circulate and undergo hygienic filtering. If this is not done, the shortage of oxygen may cause nausea and giddiness. Furthermore, if the air-con is not given regular servicing, maintenance and check, its interior which is accumulated with dirt for a long period, will send out unhygienic air which when inhaled will cause discomfort to the body (may vary according to physique).

Therefore, in order to enable you to have a correct understanding and mastered more knowledge on air-con maintenance, we have unfolded an “Air-con knowledge, cleaning and maintenance plan” for your participation. When our technician servicing of the air-con, you may find out from them the right method of correct way setting & air-con operation.

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